Kitchen Table Talk

I have grown up at my moma’s kitchen table; a million memories have been made there.  My dad and his brother made it about two or three years after my parents got married and it has been the mainstay in so many memories.

Natalie, Andrew, and I have gotten in trouble for playing Wheel of Fortune with the Lazy Susan that sits in the middle.  I don’t know if you know this or not, but if you line the outside of a Lazy Susan with Cheerios– it looks an awful lot like Pat Sajack’s big wheel.  The only difference is, Pat never had to set his wheel back up after each and every spin.

We’ve cut many a cake, growing up, while friends and family were circled up around us, singing “Happy Birthday”.  It was at our kitchen table that my dad made the big announcement, when I was going into the seventh grade that he was quitting his job and going back to Divinity School.  Several late summer nights have been spent around that table as us girls and our friends crowded chair after chair around it to play cards.  I have laughed until my sides hurt on nights like that, but we’ve also shared some of the heavier news with each other while waiting our turn to go.  Even now, as busy and far away from each other as we may get, many of those same friends will gather there every Thanksgiving morning for breakfast.

The kitchen table is where some of the best stories from our days have been shared.  We’ve heard about a four year old, in a program Brittany was working with, who finally said “Moma” for the first time and all the cheers that followed from other moms in the room that day.  We’ve heard how the kid in Natalie’s class, that didn’t stand a chance at the beginning of the year, scored higher than ever on his EOG’s.

If that kitchen table could talk, I think it would talk about all the fun, laughter, tears, and just plain ol’ life-sharing that has gone on there.

If we look at the life and ministry of Jesus, it wasn’t much different for Him either.  It was around a kitchen table that Jesus ate with tax collectors and taught us that He did not come to invite good people.  He came to invite sinners.  It was over dinner plans that Martha learned what was most important, the presence of Jesus.  Jesus even invited Himself to eat with Zacchaeus.  One of the biggest announcements Jesus could have made to his friends was around the table when He told Judas that he would betray Jesus.  It’s also when He said, “I give to you a new commandment, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another”.

What is it about sitting around a table, eating, that makes it so easy to talk?  Is it because there are things to hold, stir, and drink so it feels less awkward?  Maybe it’s knowing that you don’t have to worry about who’s sitting around you, like you do at restaurants.  I have no idea!  It must be something absolutely Divine, because life can really get shared around a kitchen table. 

So I dare you… gather around the kitchen table. Listen to someone’s story; they’re probably dying to have someone to share it with.  Make a big announcement.  Feed someone else for a night.  Just play some cards and catch up.  I guarantee it’s going to change someone’s life if you let God move in that moment; yours or someone else’s.  Either way, it’s a win!


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