In Full Bloom

All afternoon, my excitement built for a pool party with friends.  It had been a while since I joined everyone to judge a diving competition, played Monkey in the Middle, floated on a raft, or just sipped lemonade while chatting and catching up.  It was cooler tonight than it was in my daydream, ha!  However, the evening was perfect.  Well, right on up until I got to chatting with one of my favorite ladies.

We were catching up and sharing, just like always, and I began to open up about where I’m at with something we’ve talked about many times before when she looked at me and said, “You just have to bloom where the Lord has you planted right now; He may not be ready to uproot you just yet.  It may be that this is your season for growth.”  I looked at her and said, “I’m about tired of hearing that phrase these days!  I feel like you’re all ganging up on me!”  I explained myself and we laughed but in a lot of ways, I was serious!  Just a couple of days ago, my sister used those very words.  Yesterday while road-tripping, another friend uttered the phrase then he said it again in a text today.

Just as soon as I lashed out about not wanting to hear about blooming, God convicted my heart to focus on what He’s doing.  Until I’ve proven myself faithful to what He’s called me to right now, what makes me think He’ll call me to something different?  My prayer tonight is that I would allow God to prune the things that keep my roots from continuing to grow and my fruit from producing.  I want to live in full bloom…


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