I Need to Show You Somethin’…

In the middle of a conversation with her dad, she came running up to me and said, “Come here, Stephanie!  I need to show you somethin’!”  I was torn!  I really wanted to finish listening to what her dad was saying, but she was so excited, how could I not stop in the middle of what I was doing and go see what she was up to?  Besides, she’d already won me over when she bull-rushed me with hugs and kisses, pouring her love all over me.  Decision made– I grabbed that little hand and went to see what she was dying to share with me.

We rounded the corner to her room and she did not have just one somethin’ to show me.  She wanted me to see and experience everything there was to share and she could not spit the words out fast enough.  She introduced me to all of her stuffed animals (never mind that I’ve met most of them before), opened her jewelry box and told me the stories behind where she’d gotten each of them, and pointed out the chair where her bedtime routine is had. 


“This is where my Daddy reads to me.” 

“It is?”  I asked. 

“Uh huh.  I sit with him.” 

“I bet your Daddy loves for you to snuggle up close to him.”

“It makes him very happy.”


Normally, that kid just melts my heart.  It’s not that she didn’t do that very thing today; it’s just that she was also the route God took to grab my attention.  He reminded me that He’s been trying to show me somethin’ this week too!  He’s bull-rushed me with His love and asked over and over again to go with Him, He needs to show me somethin’.  Except, I haven’t dropped what I was doing to go see and experience all there was for Him to share.  I haven’t slowed down long enough to crawl up close to Him.  I’ve missed it!

How does that happen?  How do I let myself get so caught up in the conversations around me, the laundry that needs doing, errands that need running, and the phone calls that need returning that I just completely miss the invitation to drop what I’m doing and go see what He wants to show me?  When did I start letting something else take priority and how do I make that stop?

I don’t want to miss it!  I want to be in a place where I always drop what I’m doing when He says, “come here, I need to show you somethin'”…


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