Cloudy Day In Stars Hollow

I am proud to say that I speak Gilmore.  In fact, I’m rather fluent.  I know that, one of the life’s biggest rules should be:  “No talking during the movie.  No exceptions during a true classic.  And minimize distractions.  No shifting around a lot, no phone calls, nothing.  No going to the bathroom.  If you go, you miss the movie, because there’s no pausing.  It’s the only way to get the flow of things.”  I also know that “A little nervous breakdown can really work wonders for a girl.”  I can talk on top of you while still understanding every word that you say.  That one’s a little tricky, because not a lot of people appreciate that. 

In the quirky town of Stars Hollow, Rory Gilmore is my favorite!  It’s probably because of her fetish for making major life decisions based on pro-con lists.  I can’t help it—I like lists.  I too have made some pretty big decisions based on pro-con lists, and I don’t know that I will ever get to experience not being made fun of for that.  Rory understands! 

It has taken me a while, because I don’t sit down to it every night but I have almost completed my venture of re-watching the entire Gilmore Girls series on DVD.  Tonight’s episode was built around Rory’s attempt to decide which post-college job offer to take.  She has always wanted to be a journalist.  Throughout the entire series, we have watched her follow the path to being an Editor in Chief.  First, she was on staff for her high school newspaper and then The Yale Daily News in college.  Now it’s time for her to determine which newspapers to apply for and how to decide which one to choose if she gets more than one offer.  

There she sat, in front of her computer when she should have been sleeping, making one of the most important pro-con lists of her life.  She had everything mapped out, she had factored everything.  She’d considered the cost of living in each possible city.  In the Gilmore household, it’s always important to consider your take-out food options too.  She had even listed all of the people she considers important to her, as well as the ones she wouldn’t mind getting away from.

She made her decision.  Some of those “important people” had been major factors into deciding what to do.  And then, there she stood, looking into the eyes of one of the most favored people in her world and admitted, “I factored you.  I tried not to but I did and now I’m wondering if the extent to which I factored you was too much.”  “I don’t want you to factor me in.”  She was flabbergasted.  How was she so off-base with the level of their relationship that she was factoring them heavily and they didn’t want to be factored at all.  The only words she could get out were, “Oh.  Okay.”  She made up an excuse to walk away and took off.  She wasn’t sure what had happened.  Had she made the wrong decision?  What had made her factor them so much?  Why did she factor them at all?  “I don’t want you to factor me in.”  What kind of response was that? 

Oh Rory Gilmore!  How my heart resonates with you tonight more than I would like to admit…


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