Day 14: When Planners Are Empty But Big Plans Are Coming

In the midst of trying to research and write and finish up my Senior Thesis, I also found myself packing.  Packing up four and half years of college into Rubbermaid boxes, suitcases, and trash bags; I was moving home.  I was bummed, but to this day, I’m still not sure what I was most bummed about.  It wasn’t leaving Mars Hill.  After all that went down over the last year, I was more than fine with packing my bags and leaving.  I don’t even think it was knowing I was coming back home, because the idea of going home had never sounded so good.  It was not having a plan for what would be next.  I was about to shake Dr. Lunsford’s hand and walk across that graduation stage to nothing.  I did not have a job to take or a Graduate School to move to.  Some of my classmates had acceptance letters, job offers, or engagement rings.  I had a big, empty planner.


So, home I went.  Home for days filled with reading and writing and dreaming.  Days crammed with One Tree Hill reruns and playing with little cousins and endless job applications that led me to believe I was wasting my life away.  Literally, no one was hiring. 


Looking back on it, I know that those were some of the most healing days of my life.  I was able to sleep, something I rarely did in school.  I was eating right again, not just maintaining a diet of late night muffins or pizza.  Friendships were slowly being renewed and new ones were made.  Little did I know what was around the corner.  That when my planner was empty, God had big plans coming.


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