Day 16: Like We’re Friends

“Hey Dad.  I’m walking out of my interview with Nash.”

 “Well, how did it go?”

“I don’t know if he’ll call me back or not Dad, but I do feel like we’re friends now.”

“Who did you interview with?”

“Timmy Tucker.”

“It’s weird.  I sat there feeling like the position he would offer me isn’t the one I will ultimately fill.  Like this is just my foot in the door or something.”

“Could very well be the case.”

A few weeks later, Timmy Tucker called me to come back for another interview.  “Come like you are,” he said.  I looked down and saw paint from Christmas crafts with my three year olds under my nails and glitter ingrained in my jeans.  Jeans.  I was about to wear jeans to the second round of a job interview.  The man must really want to hire me or have been incredibly jealous.


“There will be times when you will encounter students with major life issues going on and you will be the first person they come to tell about it, as they figure out what their next steps should be regarding school.  What’s the first thing you do in those situations?”

“I hope I see the person, not just the student.  I know this is a school, but there are more important things in life than just going to class.  I know class is the main thing here, but they’re more than just students and sometimes life just happens.  I would want to hug them if they’re crying or get upset on their behalf if things are unjust.  I guess I would just want to see the person and then be for them whatever it is they need.”


Student Development Specialist– that’s what my business cards would say.  I would be responsible for running the Front Desk of Student and Enrollment Services, which was similar to what one of my old work-study jobs on The Hill included.  I would spend time seeing people with my new friend, Timmy Tucker and learning that Youth Ministry can happen outside of the church.

I would also soon find out that this job really was just a stepping stone to something else…


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