Day 17: A Shift at Son Rock Kids’ Camp

Three months after being hired as the Student Development Specialist, I found myself volunteering to move to the Admissions Assistant position.  I had been itching to work closer with Admissions since about my second week on the job.  Given all of my experience working in Admissions at Mars Hill, I was dying to see how it worked on the Community College level. 

I got moved.

It was around that same time that I found myself settling into the church I had grown up, a place I didn’t think I’d ever return to.  But I was there and it was time to start thinking about Vacation Bible School.  Oh, how I love Vacation Bible School!  I volunteered to teach the Youth.

They let me.

A new position at work and a week with teenagers at church.  My entire world was about to shift a little more…


Son Rock Kids Camp.  That was the theme for Vacation Bible School.  Kids Camp and I had teenagers.  So, Ms. Laura and I got together on how to decorate that Youth Room for the week.  It was kind of surreal leading teenagers with Ms. Laura in the very room that I used to sit and listen to her as one of my leaders.  We set up camp and I was excited.

On our first night of the week, we had: four students, one pitched tent, lanterns, sleeping bags, and the kick-off of a study about Paul.

By the end of the week, we had: tye dyed t-shirts, painted a sheet with graffiti, gotten Mr. Travis to host a Slip-n-Slide on the back hill, learned from Paul how to share our own “life stories” by candlelight, and written more names on our attendance sheet than we had room for.  Guess no one figured we’d have 19 youth? 

Yes, 19 within four days!  And I was falling in love with these students and this whole thing called Youth Ministry.  It was really bumming me out to think about the fact that our week together was coming to an end.

Little did I know that Son Rock Kids Camp was just the door God opened to get me to walk into something much bigger than one week of Vacation Bible School.

I had just agreed to be hired as their Part-Time Youth Minister…


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