Day 24: Text Messages and A Really Cute Kid

From the moment he’d sent me “I really enjoyed today”, Will and I had begun talking with each other through texts on an almost daily basis.  In the midst of liking that I was hearing from him, I was getting really scared.  Scared that I would fall for him while he was just being polite.  Scared that he was just like every other guy.

I was sitting at my desk when my phone started buzzing with a text from him wanting “a really big favor”.  He needed someone to keep Katherine that coming up Saturday.  Hang out with a two year old.  That was definitely not a “big” favor in my opinion.

I would later learn that, while I didn’t consider babysitting to be a big deal, it was huge for him to be willing to trust me with her.  I would also later learn that he was so very far from being just like every other guy.  Katherine and I had a blast hanging out that day; it would be just the first of many Saturdays that she and I would spend together.  Little did I know that it would be Katherine that would continue to put us in each other’s presence. 

And I was really liking just being in his presence.


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