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Earlier this week, I closed my laptop and looked up at him.  He was standing next to me, waiting for me to finish my thought, orally.
“I haven’t blogged in like six months.”  I said, a little bummed that I either haven’t made the time to or haven’t felt like I’ve had anything worth saying.  Yet somehow, I missed it.
“I know.”  We both smile because we know that, part of that, is because of our dating.  And, for that, we aren’t sorry.
Once I wrote through our story, my blogging slowed down.  I’ve been in a weird place of not being able to find the words to share all that I am seeing, experiencing, learning, and struggling with these days.  We’ve gotten busier together and every free moment that we have, we want to be able to spend together; not in front of a computer.  I’ve almost lost my excitement to write and that’s not me at all.  Maybe it’s because people started to expect me to post and that took the fun out of it; made me feel pressured to say something profound and I don’t always do “profound”.  I do personal.
Last night, I sat across the table from Lori Harris and watched as her eyes danced about a vision for an online blog that God gave her for our city; this place that we call home.  This place that I have longed to not be associated with sometimes.  The more she talked, the more her excitement was beginning to burn in my own heart.  I sat there thinking, “This is the kind of thing that I could get excited about.”
And I’ve found myself writing again!
I will not do Lori’s heart justice, so click right here and catch a glimpse of what God is up to in our city.  For you locals, be inspired and be encourage to share your own story too…