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Over Here Today

I have been pouring my heart and soul out into my personal journal these days, not my virtual one.  Trying to find the best way to approach the mess that my words are and the order to share the story has proven harder than I thought.  I’ve also recently been scarred in the rumor mill, causing me to question what I do and don’t share since the Truth seems to get lost in the lies of those that do not know what they tend to talk about as they speak anyway.

Meanwhile, I’m still working with Rise and can be found over there today as I’ve had the honor to begin sharing and following the story of a local celebrity.

Join me of here today.


Rising Where I Am

I know that it feels like I have walked completely away from this blog.  Most days, I have.  Others still, I find myself writing down every single move made that day; trying to put into words all that we’re walking through and experiencing in this corner of the world.  I’ve mainly walked away from these keys in fear that if I begin to write, I will say more than I should right now.  There’s a lot to be shared and it’s all coming soon.  When is “soon”?  I’m not sure.  For now, just know that I’m dreaming big, everything’s going to be up in lights, and there’s a lot of spinning and twirling in circles going on these days.

Meanwhile, I’ve been published over on the Rise blog today.  Lori has a good thing going over there and I am honored to be joining up with her as we find the good in a City that most believe is forsaken.  Go on over and read some of the others.  If you grew up here, you will find yourself lost in your own memories.  I’m betting that, even if you didn’t grow up here, you can’t help but picture some of your own people as some folks reminisce about the good ol’ days and others of us long for what’s just ahead.

When you’re finished reading, grab your closest friends or family and go make a new memory today.  It’s nice out there…