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We had been walking around the theme park for a while before we happened up on a blacksmith, hammering out a horseshoe.  He was hammering, we were watching.  Holding the iron over the flame to soften it enough to be mold-able.  The iron would glow a bright orange and he’d hammer a little more, shaping it into just what it needed to become.  Ever so slowly, the fire refined it.


Next thing we knew, a spark flew as he hammered hard.  Arching across the heads of the crowd, right down the scoop of my sister’s dress.  She began to scream and cry and she and my mom took off to the bathroom.  That spark not only hit her skin, but it immediately caused a blister right on the most sensitive part a spark could have chosen to land.  She was a little scarred.


Fire is a funny thing.  It can refine and it can scar.  

I have been reminded of this experience today as I’ve pondered all that is going on both in my own heart and in the lives of those around me.  Many are feeling fired.  What we have to determine is whether we will allow the fire to scar us or refine us.

I’m not going to pretend to know the reason for all of the flames blazing right now just yet, but I know one thing for sure: God is not surprised by anything going on in this world right now.  Check His track record and you will never find Him thinking, “Wow, didn’t see that one coming”.  

God is purposing the flames for a reason.  We get to decide if we will just breathe and allow them to slowly refine us or if we’ll take off running and find ourselves feeling scarred instead.

I hope I’m found trusting His heart, even when I can’t see His hand.  I hope I’m found refined.  



Trust me; I know that’s easier said than done.  There are a lot of moments along the way when His plan doesn’t really feel that great in the moment and I can’t a way that it could possibly be for His glory.  Therefore, I won’t pretend that I’m there yet, but I can claim that I am choosing to stay steady the course.    

What about you?  Are you feeling fired today?