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With 2013 in My Rear-View Mirror

Who would have thought that 2013 would have brought all that it did?  I certainly did not.  I have felt great loss and I have seen great gain.  Celebrations were had, mile markers passed, and hearts broke.  In no particular order, here is the abridged list of things and lessons that 2013 brought to my little corner of the world:

  • This very blog has been read in 35 countries.
  • I have been employed by the same place for five years.
  • Celebrated being together for one year with my man.
  • I became Methodist (though I’m forever grateful for the Baptist roots that I have).
  • Button experienced some damage and I discovered my priorities have shifted just enough that she’s still showing her battle scars.
  • People are always going to talk, good or bad.  The rumor mill scarred me, but I found my way to being refined and learned a thing or two about who to trust and who to just let go of, because they wrote an emotional check to you that you couldn’t cash for them.
  • My High School Graduation night was officially ten years ago.
  • Parenting is meant to be a team sport.
  • My dad wasn’t the only boy to go to Christmas Town with us.
  • Mommy”, “Mom” and “Momma” are amongst my favorite names.
  • Even though it isn’t always fun, Team Geanes can do hard.  (We’re really thankful that we don’t always have to though.)
  • I successfully painted my first canvas piece.
  • Created a Christmas wreath (even though the wreath took longer to make than I had bargained for).
  • I was introduced as “fiancée” for the first time.
  • When you say “no” to tattoos, you should put them in a vault.  Three year olds know your hiding place and they think tattoos are for eyelids.
  • Bought big girl dishes and said goodbye to the college apartment set.
  • Locks only keep honest people from taking your stuff.
  • No one has a better support system of folks in their life than I do.
  • Nothing I do can make God love me more or less than He already does.
  • Will put a ring on it and I said yes to the dress. 🙂
  • The gospel changes everything and it is still changing me.

With 2013 in my rear-view mirror, I am confident that all things really do work for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.  2014 has already been flooded with a whole lot of “new” and I’m starting to think that’s the theme of 2014 for us.