When Did She Become Five?!?

“Good Morning!  Happy Day Before Your Birthday Party Day!”

She grins and laughs at me then comes running to our bed and those big, blue eyes sparkle with excitement.

“Are you so super excited that we’re having your party tomorrow?”

“Yes ma’am.  Can I take my fairies with me?”

“Probably, but ask me tomorrow.”

“Probably means maybe yes.”

“Yes it does.  Hey, are you wearing your pajamas to Mimi’s this morning?”

“Can I?”

“Sure.  Crawl up here.  Let me see if you’re really almost five.”

She crawls into bed with me while her Daddy showers and we snuggle for a bit.  She is such a cuddler and usually I am too, but today we both are feeling especially cuddly.  We chat about her party and what her cake might look like and who said they were coming and I’m keenly aware of how grown she seems today.


Katherine and cookies

She’s five years old!  Where did the time even go?  It seems like just yesterday we were taking her to the beach for her three year old birthday, and now we’re talking about Kindergarten and new schools.

Katherine pre k diploma - Copy
I may not be the one who gave birth to her, but she’s mine.  She’s wired just like me, right on down to stomping through the house and slamming doors when she doesn’t get the answer she wants.  She is the best shoe shopping buddy and loves for everything to be where it’s supposed to be at the end of the day.  Her favorite color has migrated to pink and she likes to wear sundresses more than I do (and I love a good sundress).  She has a fettish for sandals and flip-flops, loves ice cream whether it’s hot or cold outside, and doesn’t like to ride in the car without music.  “Please play a song I know, Moma”.  She’s my favorite Target shopping buddy, brownie batter eater, and costume wearing princess.  My little Puffalump and while we can each drive the other one crazy… I do love being her Moma!   007


If you had told me a couple of years ago that I would marry the fair-skinned, blonde boy that comes with a kid—I would have all but laughed at you.  But today, I can barely remember life without them.  I am honored to be in this crazy, little family of ours…


three knelt down   00_1772~2_2



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