How’s Married Life?

We sit outside of one of our favorite restaurants.  We’re opposite of each other and the wind is billowing the giant umbrella above us.  To the point we’re almost yelling just to hear each other.  We say all the things we never say within the office, swapping stories of our weekend and our relatives and our husbands.  We’re laughing and exchanging shocked faces as the other one tells the next oh-my-gosh-I-haven’t-even told-you-yet story when our perfect lunch gets interrupted by a lady a used to know.


“How’s married life?”

“It’s good.  How’s your crowd?”

“They’re doing alright.”

“Good.  Good to see you.”

“You too.  Tell your moma and daddy I said hey.”



She doesn’t stop to get a real answer so I hardly look up from my basket to give one.  Lunch goes on and I can’t help but wonder why people keep asking me “how’s married life” and how much longer do we have to be married before that question gets replaced with a new one.  Are the expecting me to say it’s anything other than good?  Are they hoping I let them to how we’re really doing?  Most don’t really want to know or they wouldn’t ask it in passing like that woman did.

So, how’s married life?  Married life is married life.  Well… married life is awesome.  Is it always pretty?  No.  Nothing about life is always pretty.  Some days are really hard and pillowcases get stained with mascara.  But most days are filled with laughter and memory making.  There are many moments when I find myself wondering why on earth he choose me back and asked me to marry him, because I am kind of a mess and not always good at this marriage thing.  But at the end of each day, I still know one thing for sure… he’s not perfect and I’m not perfect but we’re pretty perfect for each other.  He is exactly who God led me to and I am so thankful and honored to be the one that gets to do life with him.




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