Learning to Breathe

It’s been almost two weeks since our breaking point and I’m learning to breathe and let people love on us. And you guys ROCK—we have definitely been loved on and prayed through one very trying season. And here’s what I’ve learned through the tears:

•  This family can still do hard. We are strong enough to bend.
•  Little Ceasars, a house full of kids, and heart sharing makes me encouraged to stay in this race.
•  “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” (Steel Magnolias)
•  I have to learn to set boundaries. And I have to understand that setting boundaries is an important way of caring for ourselves. It doesn’t make us mean, selfish, or uncaring because we don’t do things someone else’s way. We care about us too and it’s okay to protect and guard us.


  • Many problems can be solved over five hours of pizza and froyo.  And, I don’t deserve that kind of friend.  But I’m SOOO thankful for her.
  • We all need “safe” people; people we can trust our innermost secrets with and be loved by anyway when those secrets are messy and we can’t always explain them.  It’s important to have those safe people and to know that they are “safe” before you share.
  • I have some amazing safe people in my world!



  • Dreaming with my husband is super exciting.  We dream BIG!
  • God is not only big enough to handle my tears but He welcomes them.  He’s using these tears to refine me.
  • I was born into one amazing family and am more and more thankful for that every.single.day.
  • A little sunburn is okay when it comes with a side of good friends.
  • Courage comes from a heart that’s convinced it’s loved.
  • Olive Garden, cookie cake, and late night adult conversation with good friends makes everything seem okay!
  • You have to set down all the stuff in order to take Jesus.


And, I could be wrong, but even now as I sit and wonder if my it’s-okay-to-cry-right-now-if-it-helps-you-to-feel-better-but-know-that-it-won’t-change-anything speech was heard at all… I know that God’s about to do something really cool in the world of Team Geanes.


i am




And because my five year old is singing this all the time, I share it with you.  Know that you, too, no matter what you’re walking through are an overcomer…



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