A Melting Pot

I sit and stare at a poster of Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff.  I’ve seen the movie about 42½ times now with our little Ice Princess.  Tonight, the poster that hangs in her room brings clarity.  She prays “God, help us to always love you” and I pray for the wisdom to know how to show it.  And then I find my mind playing the movie.  I’m a sucker for some Olaf.  Can I get a witness?


Love.  That’s what it’s gonna take.  It’s gonna take love to thaw a frozen heart.  And really, I would like to think that “they” are the ones with frozen hearts.  And they are.  But if we’re honest, so am I.  My heart is hardened to the notion that they can change.  And maybe they can’t.

elsa thaws

But I’m not responsible for them.  I’m responsible for me.  And my God is love.  And He calls me to love.  It’s the only way the world will know that I’m a Jesus-follower—if I have and live love.  To everyone.  Whether they’re nice or not (I know.  I hate that part too.)  Because Jesus thinks we’re all a frozen heart worth mining.


So… I need to buy into that too.  Heaven help us all, y’all but I’m asking to be thrown into the melting pot.  I figure once we’ve all jumped into that, then our Refiner can blend us into something beautiful.

melting potgold

Y’all pray that I’ll stop kicking and screaming the whole way there.  ‘Cause if we’re honest (and we’re honest here) I’m at a place of feeling done loving tough people.  But Jesus isn’t done loving me and I can be really tough to love, so I have to learn to keep on loving this place—even when it’s tough.

love like jesus


3 thoughts on “A Melting Pot

  1. Girl, you’re stepping on my toes. I think God is telling me to help thaw a frozen heart, but I don’t know where to even begin.

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