My name is Stephanie Geanes and I’m a sucker for happy endings, but I know that heartache usually comes before one.  Being the middle chid is a place that I have finally learned to appreciate.  Shopping in Target is one of my favorite things to do; I would buy stock if the market wasn’t crashing.  ACC basketball is my favorite, but once the players graduate… I don’t really keep up with them anymore.  Sunflowers are the friendliest flower, and I can forgive almost anything if you bring them as your peace offering.  While I find leading worship in front of hundreds to be one of my greatest honors, living room sessions are still the best.  I had been praying for my future husband since I was in the 7th grade, so I was convinced that he was gonna rock.  Well, this year, I married the man I had been praying for and he does indeed rock!  Getting to do life with him is kind of my favorite.  I became a mom on the day I said “I do” to a five going on fifteen year old and while I didn’t birth her– she’s definitely mine and she’s wired just like me (bless her heart).  I beleive that tea tastes sweeter from a Mason jar.  Front porch swings allow me to do my best writing, thinking, praying, reading, crying, and laughing.  I am staking my whole life on the belief that God is who He says He is; Jesus is really His Son, my Savior.  For some reason that doesn’t make sense to most people.  I long to make Jesus smile, but I know that I have moments when I break His heart…

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